Who am I?

My name is Kyle Savikko (aka, "Savvy"). I'm just an anxious autistic guy who loves to listen, learn, laugh, and write my way through life.

I have long taken and written notes and been a lover of the written word, but it's only recently that I have considered myself to perhaps actually be "a writer."

I've written for understanding, for school, for work, and to communicate with friends and family (not to mention multiple blog attempts over the years as well).

But the vast majority of my writing has always been for myself. In fact, I spend much of my day working and reworking notes and ideas, trying to find ways to make my thoughts more tangible and actionable.

What am I doing here?

This newsletter (and my Digital Garden) is my effort to take what has long been an elaborate personal act and turn that creativity and character-building outward. Mainly in an effort to learn in pubic: i.e., to push past that perfectionistic voice that frightens me from taking action and to instead show (and grow) what I'm truly capable of.

But there's also a deeper goal: the hope that I can perhaps turn what I've experienced and learned in life into something that others may be able to benefit from as well.

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Kyle (aka Savvy)

Anxious autistic nerd looking to learn in public.